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2010-02-22 18:39:33 by TheSubject666

Well, i got this account yesterdy, and I was bored and felt weird havin an empty space on this page so, here's a poem I wrote.


Slowly the clock ticks.
Time, reality, perception shattered, all by sound.
Changing forms and still shadows wisp around on the waning wind.
Madness is a disease. A very, very infectious one.
Stay around long enough with a lunatic and soon you'll be stuck with two.
You can take shelter from it. That's what they all do.
That's when hell starts and heaven disappears.
Relinquish all you are and become one of them and you have lost.
Resist and you will lose. It's a one way fight.
But the question is,
Will you fight it?
Still the clock ticks.
So many options, so little time to choose.
So many things you could do.
But wait,
That's when you realize,
No matter how hard you fight the battle,
You have already lost the war.
Tick . . .

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First Post


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