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New Revised Reviewer's

2010-02-26 22:24:23 by TheSubject666

Here will be a list of the people who will review things for you if you PM them in the Writing forum.

Please, no spam, and correct spelling! It pisses people off to have a huge PM of Ir Luv ur Wark. IS Bast Theng Evar! Please, have respect and follow these guidelines.

Current reviewer's are
Me (All Stories, all poems)

sinful wolf(Stories and Poems)

Imperator (Mainly stories and Grammar)


Orgasm Wood Chipper (Stories only)

Malicious Angel (Stories, Mainly Plot)

Stimcrab ( Stories and Poems)

Wizmystery (Stories and Poems)

Earthshine (Stories and Poems)

If you want to be added or removed from this list please PM me and I will remove or add you as soon as I can.

Hope this helps!


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2010-02-27 15:12:17

You don't have to keep making multiple blogs. You can just hit the edit button next to the "posted by TheSubject666" on the first one.

TheSubject666 responds:

you are my hero


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