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Collab is coming along

2010-02-28 14:56:17 by TheSubject666

Recently I've been organizing a collab of the 9 circles of hell, and so far so good. Currently its only for writers, but once we're done with that we're thinking of getting some voice actors, artists, and animators to help make a flash version.

Hope it turns out well,
Mr. 666


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2010-02-28 19:31:21

Mr. 666, that sounds likes it is going to be interesting and i have only one question: if you were in a one of the circles, which would it be?

(Updated ) TheSubject666 responds:

if you mean for the story, I'm writing the Angry and Sullen, if you mean when I actually go to hell, according to the christian religion I would go to the 7th, Heretics.


2010-03-03 00:06:23

I'm not familiar enough with the Divine Comedy to be of much use myself, but I'm looking forward to seeing the results. Good luck, happy writing and all that jazz.